✨ ✨ Beginner Friendly English Yoga for Everyone ✨✨

As both of us lived abroad for a while, we know how important connections and spiritual offers in English are. Thus, we would like to offer Yoga in English. We are both German, but we are really motivated to teach in English.

Thomas is almost done with his Yoga teacher training, which takes place in English.
Franzi simply loves the international atmosphere and also the open-minded quality the yoga class gets when it is taught in English. Even though it is only the language, it changes much more. 

Our English Yoga class is a class welcoming everyone, no matter if you are an English native, German or any other nationality. No matter if you are an experienced Yogi or a beginner. The classes are made for everyone. Experienced Yogis will appreciate the class, as it is always valuable to go back to basics and refine the form, feel new sensations and simply experience the Asanas. Likewise, also when doing more challenging forms, it won’t be a problem for newbies as we will offer options that are suitable for everyone. 

And hey, it’s Yoga, you do you!

You can be assured, it will be challenging for you if you want it to be. It might be physically demanding – we both like slow but strong Yoga – but also mentally challenging. 

Join us for a spiritual experience to start your day with the right intention, feel connected to the international group and start or remain a yogic routine.

As we both are away from Hamburg from time to time, we will hold the classes in a rotating way. Sometimes, we might also be there together, so you’ll have even 4 eyes 👀👀 and hands ✋✋✋✋ to assist you. This might be a very unique opportunity, helping you to deepening your experience.


WHEN: Wednesday, 8-9am 📅

WHERE: Bodywise St. Pauli, Clemens-Schultz-Str. 50
20359 Hamburg 📍

CONTRIBUTION: sliding scale: 10-18 Euros (money shouldn’t be an issue, let us know if you want to join but cannot spend that much money at the moment), for now, you can pay in cash or via paypal 💸

REGISTRATION: send a mail to yogaforeveryone@mailbox.org by 7 pm the day before (tuesday), or use the button below 💌

About the facilitators:

Franzi is a yoga teacher, personal trainer and life coach. Since her childhood, sports and movement had been a vital part of her life. For a long time, it was predominantly the physical aspect of Yoga that was most important for her, until she realized that a physically healthy body does not necessarily equal vitality, contentment and happiness. She increasingly devoted herself to spirituality, personal development and meaningful connections. Her spiritual journey ultimately led to the decision to quit her corporate job and start working as a yoga teacher and systemic coach full-time. She wants to empower people to take brave decisions and to live a life full of ease and joy. A life where body, mind and heart feel aligned. 

Franzi’s yoga style is slow and mindful but strong. Asanas that are held for a while are connected via Vinyasa elements to a slow and strong flow. Due to her advanced training in Anusara Yoga, a young style that was developed in the U.S. in the 90s, she likes to incorporate elements from this style in her classes. In particular, the exact alignment and a heart-opening philosophy. Find out more about Franzi here or visit her Instagram.

Thomas is a soccer player, entrepreneur, and aspiring yoga teacher. Movement has been an integral part of his daily life for over 25 years. Being a soccer player from an early age, Thomas discovered in his early 20s his passion for marathon running and calisthenics. He first tried yoga at his former gym. Yoga strengthened his mobility and flexibility, serving as a balance to soccer, running, and calisthenics. At the same time, he realized how much yoga positively influenced his mental state.

A long-term illness proved to be both a curse and a blessing. Unable to engage in endurance sports, Thomas practiced yoga almost every day. He delved into breath techniques and their effects on the nervous system, health, and contentment. The regular practice revealed to him the profound impact of yoga on the body and mind, as well as the power of yoga for mental fitness and personal growth.

To deepen his knowledge, since January, Thomas has been undertaking a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Berlin, conducted in English and based on Hatha yoga. His style incorporates slow and powerful flows, emphasizing on breath and mindfulness through pauses and longer holds in poses.