No day is the same. Thus, this 4 week program will provide you with a short flow - every week day new and individual. This helps to start your day focused and with energy.

Allow yourself space and time for yourself only and start your morning with mindful movements.

Why Flow Into Your Day?

  • start each morning with a different theme and quality to flow into your day with energy (of course, you can watch the videos any time of the day)
  • build strength and mobility and train your flexibility and stability
  • gain self-confidence as the classes will repeat on a weekly basis
  • get more and more into a flow state, internalize the movements and connect your movement with your breath
  • start your day with time for yourself
  • start your day moving

What to expect?

  • 4-week-long, daily, diversified Yoga program
  • 7 different approx. 30-minute-long flows for every day of the week
  • each class concentrates on a different theme
  • mix of physical demanding and restorative classes
  • lifelong access to the videos
  • your own member section

How does it work?

Without Login:

  • you will find all classes of the first week without login by clicking on "curriculum"
  • click on the video you would like to see (e.g. “Monday: Grounding”, “Tuesday: Energy Boost”, etc.) and let's go
  • the videos will be repeated each week, thus, you can redo the week and complete the 4 weeks like this

With Login:

  • click "Start Now" and sign up to receive the free course
  • register with your E-Mail address, choose a user name and a password, click "Place Order"
  • you are now registered and you will receive an email with an order confirmation
  • under "Account" and "My Courses", you can view your courses
  • all videos are activated now
  • view the course progress and start from where you left off

This is exactly what you need and want?
You'll get the complete course program here: