Mobility and strength are not opposites.

In this 4-week program, build strength and increase your active range of motion.

Since the course is physically demanding, I would recommend it, if you are already physically active on a regular basis.

Why Mobility Strength?

  • you exercise regularly for already and want to set new impulses to your body
  • build strength and mobility at the same time in order to use your muscles intelligently
  • train your body awareness and body consciousness
  • demanding exercises without any equipment to burn off energy
  • learn new and creative exercises to move several muscle groups with diverse movements
  • use your joints' complete range of motion
  • get to know your own body better and learn to direct your muscles in a targeted and precise way

What to expect?

  • a diverse and demanding 4-week long program only using your own body weight
  • 6 different sessions lasting between 30 and 50 minutes
    • 4 classes, each focusing on a different part of your body
    • 1 full body class, combining all body parts
    • 1 regenerating session
    • 1 rest day
  • each class concentrates on a different theme
  • complex and demanding exercises with your own body weight
  • mix of strength and mobility exercises
  • lifelong access to the videos
  • your own member section

How does it work?

Without Login:

  • you will find all classes of the first week without login by clicking on "curriculum"
  • click on the video you would like to see (e.g. “Hips”, “Core”, etc.) and let's go
  • the videos will be repeated each week, thus, you can redo the week and complete the 4 weeks like this

With Login:

  • click "Start Now" and sign up to receive the free course
  • register with your E-Mail address, choose a user name and a password, click "Place Order"
  • you are now registered and you will receive an email with an order confirmation
  • under "Account" and "My Courses", you can view your courses
  • all videos are activated now
  • view the course progress and start from where you left off

This is exactly what you need and want?
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