I am Franzi, 34 years old and I have been living in Hamburg for the last 6 years. Originally, I come from the beautiful south of Germany. That is why my heart beats for the sun. Not only because in a warm climate walking barefoot - which I love - is more pleasant.

I am passionate about sports and movement. I started early with athletics I am Kung Fu. Shaolin Kung Fu challenged myself in many ways. That is why I was so enthusiastic about it. You have to be flexible, fast, strong and enduring and without the right amount of discipline and concentration, it is hard to improve.

Due to an injury I was not able to get back to my old performance. I was afraid to injure myself again. Above this, I moved abroad. All this let to the decision to stop martial arts.

Since I realized that I can prevent injuries, strengthen my body again and compensate my muscular imbalances through targeted training, I found my way to fitness sports. I began to deal more intensively with the topic of nutrition, fitness and health. Due to my several smaller and larger injuries and the accompanying training breaks, I informed myself in great detail about the correct execution of movements and healthy training. Mere equipment training quickly became too one-sided for me, so I started with functional training with my own body weight and smaller aids such as dumbbells, kettlebells, fitness bands or the TRX.

Due to a stay in a Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, India, in 2016, I became passionate about Yoga. That is why I try to incorporate elements from yoga into my training: above all the precise execution of the exercises and body alignment, mental control of the muscles and musculoskeletal system, and the importance of mindful training in harmony with our current physical and mental condition.

Since I was involved in exercising, health and nutrition a lot, I started to get my trainer license after finishing university. "First of all, just for myself!". That's usually how it starts. But soon it was clear that I wanted to pass on what I learned over the years and to share my experiences in order to give others the joy of movement and to accompany them during a conscious training.

At the beginning, the physical aspect of Yoga was my focus. This has changed a lot in the last years.

I realized that a healthy body is not enough to live a happy, joyful and content life full of ease. I started to occupy myself with personal development, embodiment, meditation, breathing techniques and a mindful and a self-determined live. Being more aligned with my inner self. Being more in flow.

My next step became crystal clear: yoga teacher trainingThus, I started my teacher training that I finished in May 2021 (280h). And I am constantly learning. Currently I am doing a Yoga and meditation training based on Anusara Yoga and contemporary meditation.

It doesn't matter to me whether it's Yoga, fitness, movement, mediation or breath. Your intention is important. What do I want to achieve? Why am I doing what I am doing?

Through my journey to a more mindful, balanced live in which I value and love myself, I developed an inner strength and resilience which helps me to be more present and empathetic when I meet my customers.

I am happy to accompany you on your journey to a healthy and strong body and a balanced and mindful lifestyle that you are able to achieve your mental and physical goals but even more important that you celebrate and enjoy this journey with all its facets.