• You want to nurture your body awareness.
  • You are willing to integrate movement into your day to day life. Exercise and movement should become a routine.
  • You want to move with ease and have fun while exercising.
  • You are curious to try out different methods and have an open mind for new methods.
  • You love getting out of your comfort zone (from time to time) but at the same time you want to learn to listen to your body's needs more: what feels good? How do I move intuitively?
  • You want to feel good in your body and develop body positivity.
  • You don't feel like going to the gym and getting a standard training plan.
  • Simply getting fitter or growing muscles is not sufficient for you. You want to work on and work with your body and your mind. You are looking for holistic support.
  • You are curious about different methods and you like trying out new methods. Using bodywork to solve blockages, to work on your beliefs and dogmas sounds appealing to you.
  • You want hands-on coaching, at the same time, you have an open mind for personal development and spirituality.
  • You want to be able to talk to your trainer about obstacles, mental and physical blockages to find suitable solutions together.

If you resonate with some of those statements, no matter if mostly those on the physical or the mental level, book a free first call. In this appointment, we both have the chance to clarify your questions and we can figure out whether we are a match and we would like to continue this journey together.

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