Bring your Yoga blocks to the middle height and place them between your knees and your hips next to your thigh. Usually people tend to place them quite close to their hips, placing them closer to your knees helps to get the core squeeze that is required to lift yourself up. You can also use books or similar objects to elevate your hands. Or nothing (if you are really tough). Cross your shins. Lift yourself up. You can start with keeping your toes on the ground. If that feels ok, lift one foot and try to lift the other foot. Tilt your pelvis forward, rounding your back slightly. You should feel it in your belly and not in your back. Sounds easy, is not easy. So, don’t be disappointed if you do not manage the complete tuck l-sit from the beginning. You can increase the height of the object your hands are on at the beginning to make it easier.

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