High to Low Plank

Come into a high plank position, lower one elbow, then the other one. Your are now in a low plank position. Push into one hand to move up, push into the other hand. You are back in a high plank position. Try to keep the hip movement to a minimum.

Shoulder Tap

Come into a high plank position. Nable squeezed inwards, pelvis tilted slightly forward. Your index finger is pointing to the front, index and thumb bone pressing into the ground and pressing your body away from the ground. Lift one arm and touch the opposite shoulder, switch sides. Try to keep Weiterlesen…

Knee to Triceps

Come into a low plank position. Shoulders are above your elbows, nable squeezed inwards and up the spine. Lift one leg and bring it to the elbow or triceps or armpit of the same arm. Move back and switch sides. Try to keep your body in a straight position.